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Wait for it...We’re ‘successfully funded on Indiegogo’

When we first decided to launch an Indiegogo campaign, we weren’t sure what to expect. Type crowdfunding tips on google and you’ll find hundreds of blogs on the lows and the highs, the months of preparations and the fact that no matter what you do, you can never predict the results of your campaign.

Of course, we went for it. 😏

We wanted to understand if (1) there’s market for a subscription box made in Lebanon and (2) if that’s the case, who were our first customers, where they were in the world and how would we reach them.

And we did it! 🎉

We raised €26,000 from 346 backers, resulting in the order of 564 boxes 😱 📦

And we have a message to everyone that supported our campaign in any possible way...

To the early adopters,

The project believers,

The feedback experts.


To the supportive friends and family members,

The excited strangers,

The random thumbs-up givers.


To the storytellers,

The influencers,

The networkers.


To the mistake spotters,

The advice dispensers,

The ambassadors, commentators, taggers, sharers, likers, and all the Koullouna believers...


We couldn't have done it without you. A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 💙

You're going to get the most kick-ass boxes you've ever seen.

Those who made it happen... Thank you!

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